Double XP Weekend

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Double XP Weekend

Post by johnnywall22 on Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:20 am
Map Pack 3 is available now via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlaystationStore!

Ö with a small caveat Ė PS3 players, your content release is going to work the same way it did for Map Pack 2; Sony will be releasing the Map Pack in various regions at staggered intervals (a phased rollout). So if you donít see it yet, donít worry, itís coming today, and as quickly as we can possibly make it.

In celebration of the release of Map Pack 3, this also marks the beginning of One Week of Double-XP! Itís LIVE right now, and will run until next Thursday @ 10:00AM PST (Thursday the 13th). So be sure to get your Prestige on while you have this added 2X boost to make that journey a bit less arduous!

If you hadnít seen from yesterday, be sure to check out the Map Pack 3 Launch Trailer while you wait for the Map Pack to download, and follow @JD_2020 on Twitter for the dayís updates (such as the PS3 rollout progress), as well as some random Map Pack 3 redeem code giveaways.

See you online!
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